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We have highlighted most of the questions our customers are generally curious of knowing about in the form of FAQs  below

About our products

What does dwij mean?

"dwij", means second life (द्वि =Twice, ज =Born) in Sanskrit 

What exactly is your process?

We make use of post consumer jeans and post industrial fabrics to manufacture our products. Post consumer jeans is collected from various chindi markets and donations. They are all first washed hygienically through industrial washing mechanism before they enter our inhouse workshop at Mumbai. Segregation and cutting is done as per the shapes, sizes and quality. We also make use of post industrial fabric waste that gets generated by various garment manufacturing units which includes dead stock material like short line-ends or physical flaws in the fabric that would otherwise have ended up going to waste. The bags are handmade by our skilled personnel at our workshop. We also work with self help groups, and women working from home so that they are able to financially support their own families through this income.

Through the entire process, hygiene remains our top priority. One testimony to this is, we receive lot of feedback at live exhibitions that our products look as fresh as new ones!

How are your products low carbon?

Firstly, our products avoid using virgin cotton, which indirectly avoids environmental issues in cotton cultivation, including usage of water and pesticides. Secondly, our process prevents landfilling or incineration of old jeans, which indirectly prevents methane or CO2 emissions. Basically, it is similar to reducing the carbon footprint, and instead storing it in your bag. 


Why do you say that your products are one-of-a-kind?

The products are upcycled from a variety of jeans and denim that we receive. Thus, every bag made by us is different from each other in some manner. The color and texture of the bag that you receive may turn out to be slightly different from the photo that you see.


What do you mean by handmade bags?

Upcycling is generally a labor intensive process, with little scope for mechanization. Our skilled artisans hand craft each bag and ensure that you get a high quality product.


Why do you only work with denim?

We began our journey with denim since cotton is the most resource intensive material, and denim is the most sturdiest and toughest material made from cotton. However, we also have plans to explore other materials in future.


Are the products meant for rough usage?

Zippers & sliders are most vulnerable parts of a bag., therefore use the best in the market i.e. YKK . In addition, we strive to use the best accessories in the form of metal fittings and cotton belts too. All this in addition to the stitching process ensures that the bag lasts really long, despite rough usage.


Are the bags washable in case they become dirty?

In case of light strains, you can clean the specific part using a wet cloth. Anyway, your bag is completely washable. We however advise hand wash with cold water. Please refer to individual product page for more details on care of each product.


Are the bags water resistant?

A few of our products have a layer of post-industrial recycled felt which stop the water drops rushing into the bag. 

What happens if there is a manufacturing defect in my bag?

dwij strives to give you the best quality product. In the rare case of a manufacturing defect, please get in touch with us and we shall get it rectified.


What happens to the bag after I use and want to discard it?

Once you want to discard it, please ship it to us to ensure that the material including metal fittings and zips are again reused in the best possible manner & denim is repurposed for another life.

I have old jeans. Can you customize it for me?

We currently don't accept customized orders. However, if you are a person who is concerned about the end of life of your jeans, feel free to send them to us, and be rest assured that your jeans will get a new life in the best possible manner. More details on Donate Jeans.

Would I get any discounts on dwij products in lieu of my donations?

Our current business model makes it financially unviable to offer you any such discounts.

About our packaging, delivery and shipment


How do you package your products?

We have the option of both plastic and paper packaging. However, we recommend usage of plastic packaging due to various reasons. First, plastic packaging ensures that the bag remains secured during monsoons. Second, plastic packaging can be reused multiple times for other purposes as compared to a paper packaging, that needs to be disposed off immediately. Third, we use recyclable quality plastic packaging, thus it can be given to a recycler once it gets worn out. Fourth, due to unavailability of good quality paper tapes in the market, paper packaging would require ample amount of plastic tapes for wrapping, post which the paper bag can no longer be recycled. Thus, we recommend you to use the plastic packaging for any other purpose until it wears out, and then give it to a recycler. However, for customers who still insist, we would be glad to use paper packaging too. If you have suggestions on sustainable packaging techniques, we would be glad to know.


What is the general delivery time for the products?

At least 3-4 days for metro cities in India, and 5-6 days for rest of the India. 


How can I modify an order that I’ve already placed? Can I change the delivery address?

Get in touch with us at and we will do the best possible from our side.


What if my package is opened/tampered with?

If you feel that your package has been opened/tampered with, please don’t accept delivery and write to us immediately at


What do I do if I never received my order?

Your money is safe. If you don’t receive the delivery within the timelines mentioned above, get in touch with us at and we will do the best possible from our side.

Offline presence

How can I stock your products at my offline store?

We will be happy to discuss the terms. Please feel free to reach us at


Can I purchase your product at any offline store?

We currently participate in exhibitions, follow us on Instagram, for updates.

If you are present in any of the following cities, you can check out our products at our current offline retail partners. We intend to add more!


Satyam Collection @ Churchgate, Mumbai @ Ahmedabad

Handpickd @ Hyderabad