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Opt for Upcycled: Sustainable Denim Gifts For The Festive Season!

Updated: Oct 23

Everybody’s favourite time of the year is almost (but finally) here! Yes, we’re talking about the much-awaited festive season, when the air is filled with festive buzz and your days are just an exciting countdown towards the many celebrations due.

But, there’s one aspect of the festive season that we love the most, and that’s the tradition of gifting. A mark of shared love and respect between families, friends and partners, seasonal gifting is a great way to restore bonds and show your loved ones how much you care. When you see your special ones smile at their goodies and watch them use them with joy, there’s nothing more redeeming right?!

If like us, you’re an Earth-loving, conscious shopper, it’s also likely you’ll want to use the same philosophy while buying gifts for your loved ones. However, catering to everyone’s preferences can often pose a challenge when shopping sustainably.

To help you tick this one off your list we’ve curated a list of sustainable, upcycled denim gifts that have something for everyone!

1. Gender-Neutral Everyday Bags If there’s one accessory everyone could do with, it’s a handy bag! Denim is a gender-neutral fabric itself and daily wearable bags made of upcycled denim suit almost all styles. If you prefer shopping for unisex gifts as so or are looking to buy in bulk for a mixed crowd (For example, office gifts for your employees!), these bags are ideal for your list.

Gender-neutral slings:

PS: If you choose to buy in bulk, we can also customize these to suit your requirements! 2. One for the workaholics: We all have that one friend or family member who LOVES every bit of their job and practically lives at the office right? Be it your over-achiever friend who’s growing his/her new startup or that hotshot corporate cousin, these denim office and laptop bags are an ideal fit for them. Designed to go seamlessly with all kinds of office wear and corporate fashion, these 100% upcycled accessories are not just beautiful to look at, but also intended to add utility for the hustlers of your group! Unisex laptop backpack and sleeves

Office totes and carry-ons

3. Eco-fashion for the fashionistas: There are hardly any of us out here who don’t prioritise personal style. Yet, for some, styling is a much bigger part of their lifestyle preferences! For those fashion-loving divas, you know and love, only something unique would do justice. Check out our range of jewellery made with denim and cigarette waste- An ode to your love for the planet and eco-fashion. With a design to match every style, you can pick from a range of statement pieces or minimal layered jewellery! Bonus: It also looks great when paired with festive clothing, for that chic indo-western appeal!

4. A touch of joy for the kids: If there’s anyone who’s most excited by the influx of festive gifts, it’s the kids of the family. The joy on their faces, every time they unwrap a new present is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

So naturally, we can’t let you forget their surprises, can we? So here’s something to add charm to their post-holiday season, back-to-school days! Back to school bags:

College-goers' denim bags:

5. Homeowner's pride: The festive season is usually also the time many choose to shift into new homes. If you or your loved ones are also going through this exciting transition, these edgy and unconventional gifts will be a welcome addition to their new haven. These perfect housewarming gifts are also made with 100% upcycled denim waste!

6. For the travel junkies! To many, the festive season is also the travelling season! Surely, a lot of your friends and family members must be gearing up to take off to new places and make most of the holidays. If that’s the case, we have the perfect gift for them!

Upcycled Denim Traveler's Backpack
Traveler's Backpacks

7. Gifts for the sustainability newbie: You may have mastered the sustainable living and gifting game, but a lot of your peers may be inspired by your journey to start their own. If you’re looking to help out someone who wants to learn the ways of sustainable living, these practical gifts are not only going to make for great presents but also help them get a step closer to their eco-goals- All while proving that sustainability can also be stylish! Vibrant Foldable & Reusable Totes:

All-Purpose Totes:

8. Bag lover’s delight! Now, just as there is a colour for everyone, there’s also a bag that fits the dreams of every bag lover and friend we have. If you’re looking for something sustainable, easy to use and stylish for your bag-loving friends, check out some of our top and most-loved picks! Cross-body slings:

Uber-Cool Totes:

The festive gifting tradition, though joyful, can also bring tonnes of waste. We often get stuck in the loop of receiving and passing on unwanted gifts, eventually adding to the overconsumption dilemma.

Opting for upcycled gifts or gifts made with waste, are a great way of expressing your care towards both, the planet as well as your close ones. To explore our entire range of denim accessories, click here.

To know how we create these sustainable denim gifts in a zero-waste method, click here.

We wish you all a very happy, safe and sustainable festive season!


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