A beautiful long necklace with 1 set of round and square shaped cotton beads, perfect for a casual outing or a party. As a part of zero waste practises, dwij presents the new collection of jewellery that is entire made of upcycled textile fabrics and raw cotton. This necklace has been made by a women self help group. 


1 set fusion necklace - Red

    • This jewellery piece is made entirely from cotton
    • High hygiene standards are maintained during the process of upcycling
    • Since this product is made out leftover fabrics, each product will be unique! No two pieces of the same type may be completely identical to each other.
    • We recommend you to handle with care, just like you would for any normal jewellery set.
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“dwij" (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born), means second life in Sanskrit addresses the ills of fast fashion by providing ​inclusive growth of society, through upcycling of post consumer jeans and post industrial denim.


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