A simple and compact tote for regular shopping or carrying purposes. The bag has an outer pocket too.

The bag is manufactured using post industrial denim fabric and jeans. 

Bare Bag

  • About your Dwij bag

    • High hygiene and washing standards are maintained while giving old denim a fresh new look
    • Each element has been carefully chosen to make your Bag really long lasting
    • Your Bag is completely washable - Please use cold water and drip dry. A quick round of ironing can give it a brand new appearance. 
  • Technical Specifications

    Dimensions: 14" X 15.5"

    Handle length: 19"

    Outer pocket: Yes

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“dwij" (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born), means second life in Sanskrit addresses the ills of fast fashion by providing ​inclusive growth of society, through upcycling of post consumer jeans and post industrial denim.


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