“Your bag is one of the best examples of upcycling and our efforts towards zero waste practices”


Achieving zero waste practices is the ultimate goal for an organization such as dwij that has its foundations on sustainability. Zero waste philosophy indicates that all the raw material that is sourced by dwij is used in some manner. And to remind that although organizations may strive, achieving 100% zero waste target is not easy at all! It takes many months or maybe years of refining and fine tuning of internal processes in a sustainable, yet operationally and financially feasible manner.


This bag has been designed as a unique looking sling that is certain to make you stand out in a crowd! The specialty lies in the zero-waste philosophy of the bag i.e. the frays actually originate from the borders of any post-industrial denim yarn cut outs. Although it may appear that the bag is made from leftovers, the amount of labor and craftsmanship involved in it adds the most value.


The bag is designed in the form of a sling so that you can use it as a stylish accessory for any occasion. The inner part of the bag gets its fresh look due to the presence of post-industrial lining material.

Owing to the process and design, it may not be possible to have two bags that are exactly the same!


To take care of the hygiene requirements, all the material that enters our workshop are industrially washed in a rigorous manner. In addition, our production process also ensures that the bag looks fresh and equivalent to a virgin product.


Ideal usage: Stylish sling for parties, special occasions where you want your accessories to stand out in a crowd!

Breeze Bag

    • Each pair of jeans, consumes over 10,000 liters of water during growing cotton and during the manufacturing process, and also other resources including chemicals in abundance. Upcycling of this bag has resulted in indirect saving of all these resources.
    • YKK zips and runners are used to ensure strength and longevity of your bag. In addition, each element has been carefully chosen to make your Bag really long lasting.
    • High hygiene and washing standards are maintained while giving old denim a fresh new look
    • Disclaimer: Every dwij Bag is unique! Thus, the bag delivered to you may have different shades of blue, however the pattern remains the same. Please note that the frayed look might release stray threads. This is not a manufacturing defect.
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“dwij" (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born), means second life in Sanskrit addresses the ills of fast fashion by providing ​inclusive growth of society, through upcycling of post consumer jeans and post industrial denim.


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