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Our Process

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Materials Used

  • Post-consumer jeans, sourced from second-hand markets and collection drives in collaboration with corporates, gated communities, etc.


  • Post-industrial textiles are sourced from manufacturers of jeans, kurtis, and shirts


  • Recycled polyester felt


  • YKK zippers & sliders


  • Non-corrosive white metal fittings


  • Durable belts

Process Involved

  • We receive our raw materials in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, no two dwij products are identical.


  • Any material that enters dwij workshop is rigorously pre-washed by industrial washers to ensure that they become hygienically as good as a virgin material


  • Our upcycled fashion accessories are tailor-made and not mass manufactured. Each garment or material is handled and cut separately

  • Our objective is to make long-lasting products – every element is carefully chosen to ensure this

  • We strive to work towards zero waste practices

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Peta approved vegan

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YKK zippers

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Low carbon footprint

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Upcycled in India

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Dwij Upcycled


Post consumer


Post industrial