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dwij upcycling Stitching process

Our Process

The threads we use

Materials Used

  • Post-consumer jeans, sourced from second-hand markets and collection drives in collaboration with corporates, gated communities, etc.


  • Post-industrial textiles are sourced from manufacturers of jeans, kurtis, and shirts


  • Recycled polyester felt


  • Good quality zippers & sliders


  • Non-corrosive white metal fittings


  • Durable belts

Process Involved

  • We receive our raw materials in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, no two dwij products are identical.


  • Any material that enters dwij workshop is rigorously pre-washed by industrial washers to ensure that they become hygienically as good as a virgin material


  • Our upcycled fashion accessories are tailor-made and not mass manufactured. Each garment or material is handled and cut separately

  • Our objective is to make long-lasting products – every element is carefully chosen to ensure this

  • We strive to work towards zero waste practices


Good Market Approved.jpg

Good Market Approved

Low carbon footprint

Upcycled in India

Pieces of denim that get upcycled

Dwij Upcycled


Post consumer


Post industrial
denim/ pre consumer denim


Post industrial kurta/shirt


Recycled felt

Our Team

  • We follow a religion, caste and gender-neutral employment policy

  • Low-income society women are empowered to become more independent by giving them work-from-home opportunities


  • Depending on the complexity of the product, we also work with self-groups, especially for our fabric jewelry


  • We would like to be known for our quality and longevity of the products


Help prevent landfilling of textiles by upcycling them into various accessories, thereby adding value and increasing the longevity of the textile

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