Set of 3 multi-purpose pouches for your wardrobe needs or travel requirements. The sizes have been designed keeping in mind the common storage requirements. The pouches are upcycled using post industrial fabrics.

Multipurpose pouches (Set of 3)

    • The pouches have been made in convenient sizes fit for all purposes
    • Your pouches are 100% cotton and are completely washable - Please use cold water and drip dry. A quick round of ironing can give it a brand new appearance
    • The fabric is sourced from post-industrial sections of jeans manufacturing, and is therefore virgin
  • Dimensions:

    Big: 9" (L) X 6" (H) X 5.5" (W)

    Medium: 8" (L) X 4.5" (H) X 4" (W)

    Small: 6" (L) X 3.5" (H) X 3" (W)