This triangular pouch is handy for your wardrobe needs or travel requirements. This is made from post-industrial denim. The pouch is also a very ideal economical bulk gifting item.


The pouch is designed to be long lasting, while it can simply be washed in a washing machine to bring a fresh new look. To take care of the hygiene requirements, all the material that enters our workshop are industrially washed in a rigorous manner. In addition, our production process also ensures that the pouch looks fresh and equivalent to a virgin product.


Ideal usage: Multi-purpose pouch

Pouch - Single

    • Each pair of jeans, consumes over 10,000 liters of water during growing cotton and during the manufacturing process, and also other resources including chemicals in abundance. Upcycling of this bag has resulted in indirect saving of all these resources.
    • High hygiene and washing standards are maintained while giving old denim a fresh new look
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“dwij" (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born), means second life in Sanskrit addresses the ills of fast fashion by providing ​inclusive growth of society, through upcycling of post consumer jeans and post industrial denim.


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