“dwij" (द्वि = Twice, ज = Born), means second life in Sanskrit 

dwij was founded to address the ills of fast fashion  by providing ​inclusive growth of society, through upcycling

​We upcycle post-consumer and post-industrial fabrics with focus on denim, to make trendy and multipurpose bags​ and jewellery


dwij has upcycled upto 3500 jeans, 1200 m of post industrial fabric & 800 m of post industrial kurti fabric

We strive to be a zero waste ethical brand

We choose each element carefully, and maintain high hygiene standards to produce fresh looking and long lasting products


Donate Jeans

Every wardrobe would definitely have a pair of jeans stacked below a pile of most frequently used clothes

An estimated 80-100 billion new garments are sent to landfills every year

Every pair of jeans takes approx 10,000 ltrs of water to grow cotton, and use chemicals in abundance to achieve the faded look

Jeans being a versatile and durable garment, we encourage you to let all such garments get a new life, through dwij

Post your used jeans to

 UG-60, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup (W), Mumbai-400078

The money we save on your jeans is donated to NGO's which work with recycling community


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Write to us!


Write to us!

For any feedback/suggestions, please feel free to contact us at,

contact@dwijproducts.com    |    +91 8369 051021

UG-60, Dreams The Mall, Bhandup (W), Mumbai-400078